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"We have to learn how to think about, interact with, and use technology differently in order to protect our business assets from exploit."

Did you know?

The FBI predicts that more than 460,000 cyber crimes will be reported by small businesses in 2020.  This might account for less than 1/5 of all cyber-crime since not all business are required to report exploit events.

Source: 2020 VZW BDIR


of small businesses will experience an information security crime event.


of events go undetected for more than 6 months.


of Small Businesses close within 12 months of a data breach.


of Small Businesses cannot maintain operations after a second exploit event.

Seeing any warning signs?

- Emails, texts or phone calls from people impersonating executives in your company asking for information or requesting fund transfers?

- Invoices from suppliers, vendors or customers that have fraudulent routing information or billed amounts for products your company has not purchased?

-High volumes of spam or other activity that is impacting your employees’ productivity?

- A sudden drop in business contracts, competitor products similar to your proprietary offerings, or other suspicious business duplication activities?

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