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'Just Enough' consulting to ensure your business optimizes budget while protecting your most valuable resources.

TAVA Threat Analytics®

Our 'Just Enough' philosophy provides clients with a holistic and innovative strategy to mitigate information security risks. HFE CS has developed a proprietary system of client discovery and due diligence that allows us to compare your business environment with real-time industry and market variables to determine your company's Risk Landscape. ​  We use industry-standard actuaries to evaluate your security vulnerabilities.  This allows our clients to make business decisions based on risk exposure presented as real dollars. Understanding risk as an expression of profit and loss as compared to costs allows our team to lead your company to appropriate risk treatments and most importantly, to a complete understanding of the financial impacts of your IT spending decisions.

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HumanWall® Awareness Training

Your employees are your biggest asset and when it comes to Information Security, your largest liability. Studies show that 90% of company exploits are initiated by employees because they are Confused, Careless or Criminal. Our expert security training staff will provide your management team with the tools and resources required to implement effective training modules with demonstrable results. We work with your team to create governance and compliance dashboards tailored to your business needs.​We offer baseline assessments, in-person and online targeted training, and on-going testing campaigns to ensure your employees have the knowledge and tools required to protect your business assets.

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​Small to mid-size businesses need to allocate every dollar wisely and with prudence. Hiring C-level executives to help steer your business is both costly and often redundant. HFE CS offers experienced executive-level strategy and guidance developed over years working for fortune 500 companies such as American Express, Coupa, IBM, Ameriprise Financial, UPS and xpedx. Our leaders are trained to develop strategic direction, analyze business processes, and facilitate discussions about integrating IT Security goals into business plans.

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Attack Resiliency Planning

One of the most common themes we hear from our clients is their perception that data backups alone are protection enough from everything between and including an Act of God to a ransomware attack.  This is one of the most costly mistakes any business can make.  Without the proper planning and practice, data backups can be nearly useless when attempting to restore your business after a production halting event.

We work with your executive team and business leads to develop both Recovery Time and Recovery Point Objects (RTO/RPO) including the plans and practice your team needs to implement continuity actions during a crisis.  HFE CS can help you implement the right sized recovery efforts that take in to account budget and business needs,  ensuring you continue to service customers regardless of the circumstances.

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